Seasonal Color Guide

Whether you’re planning your big wedding day or birthday celebration choosing a color palette is an important decision in the planning process. What we’ve seen that helps our clients is basing your color palette on the season you have planned your event in.

Below are several color palette guides you can use for your next event:


We always recommend shades of those primary earth tones (blue, green, and yellow). Rather than going with the popular Winter color choices, green & red or blue & red, we suggest going with complementary colors, blue & yellow. This color palette is unique and allows you to still have that pop of color!

Inspiration from Love my Dress


For the Spring season we love lighter shades of green, minty green, ocean blue, and cream. These colors are a great choice because you can always blend it with other colors, such as, pink or lilac!

Inspiration from Wedding Lady


You can always go for those timeless Summer ocean tones (blue-green or all white), but in our opinion we suggest getting fun with your color palette! Our only recommendation for a bright color palette is using a white or cream color 70% and the other 30% for color to give it that POP!

Inspiration from Grey Likes Weddings


Our advice for Fall is pick your favorite colors and add tones or shades to that color. Doing this will give your color palette that timeless vintage look! This season is great because you can get away with using pretty much any color you adore while applying a tone or shade to it.

Inspiration from Chic Vintage Brides


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