Modern Wedding

Erica and Sam

When I first met this couple, I knew I was in for

something special. One of the first of many questions that they asked me, “Can you all bake navy blue bread for our wedding cake?” It was a break from the norm and a breath of fresh air for me. (I mean who asks for navy blue bread for their wedding cake?) I knew I wanted to work with them right away. I love when brides do their homework and have some direction on where they want this to go.

They chose a modern approach to a wedding cake- straight edges and lines, combined with texture on a hexagon gem pattern. The tiers were combinations of hexagon shaped cakes and round cakes. We also played with heights on their tiers- some short, some medium, and some tall. Their color palette was as bold as them and perfect for a fall wedding. (Take notes, fall brides.)

The end result was this beautiful work of art shot by their talented photographer Pepe from Zero Photography. Their cake was a reflection of these two brides, bold enough to go for it and break from tradition.

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