Check out the aesthetics of this wedding setup! The cake was a beautiful backdrop to the bride and groom with the perfect combination of rustic elements, flowing foliage, and impeccable florals. When I first sat down with the bride for their cake tasting, she hinted that she wanted some thing simple but grand. I completely understood her vision and got to work on sketching something for her that would allow florals to be a focal point while combining a rustic element through a semi naked cake. I was in close contact with her wedding coordinator and we made it happen! (Hey Phebe!) Everything flowed perfectly into place and their amazing photographer, Cynthia, captured the magic. If you’re wondering what was on the inside, some triple chocolate cake, some pistachio cake with some delicious fillings, and a whole lot of love. Thanks Luis and Gio for trusting me with your vision, it was an absolute pleasure working on your wedding cakes!

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