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I had the pleasure of working on some beautiful wedding cakes recently for a STUNNING rustic wedding held at the Laredo Center for the Arts. I wanted to share them with you because my connection to the story behind the cake is as meaningful as the cakes themselves.

 As a kid, I remember (proudly) following my mom everywhere she went. Most of my weekends were spent watching her create some amazing edible masterpieces. (not because she begged me to, but because I wanted to)  She became not just my mom but my inspiration and someone I truly aspired to be. I would stand next to her and watch in AWE throughout the entire process of creating her cakes, and through my mom, this business became second-nature to me.

I remember one time in particular, she was working on a beautiful barn cake for a young girl’s birthday. It was so detailed and magical that I still remember it to this day.

Twenty some years later, the little girl who that cake belonged to, became a bride and we had the honor of making her wedding cakes as well. We couldn’t help but realize how life comes full circle in so many ways. As I worked on her cakes, I found my daughter starring at me the same way I did with my mom when I was just a girl. Instead of playing with play dough like most kids, Camila enjoys rolling out fondant like I did when I was a kid. (She likes play dough too.)

The wedding looked beautiful. Everything about it. The flowers, the decor, the details, the cakes, EVERYTHING. The bride chose a rustic bearly-naked red velvet cake with cream cheese and some gorgeous flowers to match her decor. Her grooms cake was a chalk-board, hand painted design on black fondant with chocolate on the inside. It all came together beautifully, our business neighbor Jesse from Jesse’s Floral and Events decorated and organized the event and added his touch to it all. I want to thank the bride and groom, Alexis and Santi, and wish them a blessed marriage and a beautiful future!


Photography, Jodie Daniel Photography

Event Planner, Jesse's Floral

Wedding Venue, Laredo Center for the Arts

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