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Close your eyes for 5 seconds, then open and what’s the first thing you see in this picture? If the first thing you saw were the flowers on the top right corner, then I think I did my job. (Scroll down to see a diagram.) I’ve had my good share of appointments these past couple of months and this is what I’ve gathered from my brides: bold colors, rustic elements, nude tones, pampas! I felt like a version of Brene Brown (Oprah, anyone?) with all the research and data that I collected which gave me a good idea of where I was headed with this year’s wedding cake collection. Oh and by research, (cough) I pretty much mean Pinterest. Here are some tips:

1. Focal Points are important. It’s easy to bombard a cake with so many different elements where nothing really stands out. I try guiding our brides to compliment colors, design, and florals to help draw the eye to its intended point. For me, a cake is like a canvas, it is my way of expressing a form of art. By using focal points throughout the composition of the cake, I can command the viewers attention and lead the eye to gaze at its next intended focal point.

2. Complimentary Colors and Contrast affect the visual weight of the cake. It’s important to balance colors with focal points in order not to bombard the eye. 3. Authenticity. Design is great and all, but does it reflect you? My intention for every cake that I design is for it to be a reflection of the bride or the couple that I meet. Some cakes are soft and subtle, rustic and romantic, others are bold and beautiful whatever you decide, make sure it reflects you. Beauty is in authenticity.

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