Camila's First Birthday

As I re-examined the concept for “Behind the Cake,” I envisioned this blog to serve a purpose and represent three pillars that sustain my life: my faith, my family, and my business.  As much as I have tried to separate my home life from my work life, (and believe me I have tried) I have found it nearly impossible to do so; therefore, my new plan is to embrace it. My intention with this blog is to create a colorful journey of experiences in my life, and if nothing else, live inspired to be my best self and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

(Do I sound like Oprah yet? No? We’ll get there.)

A year ago, I embarked on a mission of planning my daughter’s 1st birthday party…and by party…I mean PARTY! I was always on the other end of the party-planning process through Cakeland; therefore, I had just about seen it all.

Creating a vision is always the first step I take in creating what I want to see in my life. So, I created a vision board on Pinterest (of course) to help me make it happen and began by choosing a color palette and a theme. The theme was inspired by an elephant that I painted for Camila while pregnant with the help of an amazing artist, Cristina Zorilla-Speer. My favorite dessert on the sweets table were those A-MAAA-ZING Cookie-Ice Cream Cones, made by my team at Cakeland (pictured below). They inspired the color palette and palate for the party. (get it?)

Through all the jazz of party planning and creating my vision, I always kept the greater purpose in mind: celebrating life. That afternoon, we celebrated a beautiful year with Camila and our closest circle of family, friends, and even my Cakeland team.

Whether it is starting a business, organizing a trip, or something as simple as planning a party, I have experienced that although you may get discouraged by things that may get thrown in your way, having a vision will always remind you of where you want to go.

After graduating from UTSA in 2008, I joined the family business.  I could not wait to graduate to come back and put all my ideas and my vision to work. It was not as easy as I expected, trying to change or fit a mold that already existed for about 40 years, but somehow I began to change the mold to fit me.

I started adding my vision to Cakeland through certain cake styles and ideas, which in turn allowed the company to welcome a new generation of clients. With that said, I would like to acknowlege my parents and grandparents for allowing a twenty something year old (at the time) to come in and shake things up. The result of my vision allowed me to gain the confidence to imagine and envision greater possibilities, like Bolillos Cafe (we’ll get into that later).

I will leave you with this quote from one… Oprah Winfrey, “Create the highest, grandest possible vision for your life because you become what you believe.”

I’m curious, what’s your grandest vision?


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