Camila's 5th Birthday

This is 5! We celebrated Camila’s 5th Birthday yesterday by granting her wish of inviting her friends from school over to make slime. On the surface, Camila loves rainbows, girly stuff, and planets. If you peel back a layer or two, there are questions that mind boggle us a bit…“Mom, who made God?” “Dad, where is the Milky Way?” “Why is the sun a star and not the moon?” (Exactly. Thank you Google.) Although, she still has a lot to learn, I pray that her struggles are gentle lessons in life and that God illuminates her path so that she can see right from wrong.

The years feel like days and the days feel like minutes. So I’m writing this today for Camila, to document a moment in time to celebrate all that you are. On the day you were born, you brought color and magic into our lives…let those colors continue to shine through you to brighten the world and all the galaxies.


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