Behind the Cake

I started this blog on New Year’s Eve a few years ago B.C. (Before Camila) called “Behind the Cake,” because there was so much more to me and my job than just Cake. The intention for this blog was to allow me to do more of what made me happy and hopefully inspire my friends, employees, and clients to do the same.

Then life happened (literally).

I created the most beautiful real-life little human named Camila, with super-powers that only women possess. I became a mom and manifested the intention of this blog through a child. Blissful. Heavenly. Lovely. are some of the adjectives to describe the past two years of my life. The other adjectives include: Exhausted. Sleep Deprived. How am I even typing this right now?! I should be sleeping.

So I am back, this time blogging about motherhood too. Making time for myself and making myself vulnerable again (that’s a whole other post) with a few tricks up my sleeve…

Love and light everyone!


Photography by Captured by Claudia

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