Oh how we love the holiday season! Valentines day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years - we even celebrate special holidays, such as, appreciation week for teachers, nurses, doctors, and more! Thanks to social media we get to celebrate all sorts of life celebrations like #nationaldonutday. Yes please!


You have conquered and accomplished one of the greatest achievements in life - graduating from school. You pushed yourself and can now say, "I am a graduate!" You did it. You made it. And for that it's time to celebrate!


Happy birthday to you! Birthdays are just so much fun for us to create because it's so diverse and endless in creativity. Birthday cakes are a joy to create because through your cake design choice we get to know you in a special way!


One of our greatest joys at Cakeland is being able to sit down with a couple to create their dream wedding cake! From the bridal shower, custom wedding dessert tables, to the actual star of the show - the wedding cake! Whether we are developing a grooms or brides cake we are filled with inspiration from our clients.